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Little Red Services

Pumping Services

Pumping Capabilities

Hot Diesel Flush (Hot Oil)

LRS hot oil pump trucks, with heating systems rated up to 9 million BTUs, can flush well tubing and surface lines with various hot fluids to break down and remove accumulated deposits such as paraffin and hydrates.  LRS can also pump heated fluids to preheat process lines and vessels before being brought online.  With our fleet of bulk fluid transports, we can accommodate jobs of any size.

Freeze Protection

LRS can pump diesel, dead crude oil, or methanol to displace water in well tubing strings, surface lines, and process vessels.  This allows for safe shut-in in the harsh arctic environment.

Slickline / E-line / Coiled Tubing Assistance

LRS hot oil pump trucks can be an integral part of your well service work.  LRS can pressure test surface equipment, displace well bores, and freeze protect wells and surface lines.  We can pressure test plugs, valves, and patches, and set packers.  We can pump fluid for leak detection logs, perform injectivity tests, and pump hot fluids to assist with paraffin, hydrate, and ice plug removal.

Mechanical Integrity Testing

LRS hot oil pump trucks can perform mechanical integrity testing on well tubing strings and annuluses.  We have trucks capable of maximum pump pressures up to 10,000psi, and can provide data charting if required.

Pre and Post Rig Workover

LRS hot oil pump trucks can assist with well workovers from start to finish.  We can perform well kills and circulate fluids to flush gas from the well column.  We can assist slickline crews with securing the well, and we can perform mechanical integrity tests on the tubing and annulus.   We can flush drilling fluids from the well bore, and we can freeze protect the well upon completion.  We can set packers, pump through shear-out valves, and assist with the installation of submersible pumps or gas lift designs.

Fracturing Pressure Control

LRS hot oil pump trucks can regulate backside pressure during hydraulic fracturing operations.  We can pressure test and preheat surface equipment before a frac, and freeze protect surface equipment and the well bore upon completion.

Ice Plug Removal

If well design permits, LRS hot oil pump trucks can pump hot diesel or dead crude down the inner annulus of a well to melt ice plugs in the tubing string.  Once communication has been established in the tubing, we can pump hot fluid down the tubing to completely clear the obstruction.

Fluid Heating

LRS hot oil trucks, with diesel fired heaters rated up to 9 million BTUs, can heat many fluids common to the oil field, including diesel, dead crude, seawater, brine, drilling mud, frac fluids, and glycol.  We can circulate fluids being held in tanks, transports, or within a rig’s mud pits.  We can also heat “on the fly,” pumping heated fluid directly down-hole or into production lines with our high pressure pumps.

Chemical Slipstreaming

LRS hot oil pump trucks can pump neat or diluted chemicals directly into many process streams, flowlines, injection lines, and well annuli.  Chemicals we work with on a regular basis include scale inhibitor, corrosion inhibitor, biocide, methanol, polymers, and dyes.  With multiple tanks on each unit, we can pump multi-stage jobs.  With support from our bulk fluid transports, we can provide continuous pumping on larger jobs.  Our crews are well trained in the safe handling of hazardous chemicals, and the proper selection and use of appropriate PPE.

Chemical Squeezes

LRS hot oil pump trucks can pump many types of chemical squeezes, including scale inhibitors and corrosion inhibitors.  Our pump trucks have multiple tanks, and we can support larger jobs with our bulk transports.  We are able to pump multi-stage squeezes, and spot “pills” within a well’s tubing.  Our crews are well trained in the safe handling of hazardous chemicals, and the proper selection and use of appropriate PPE.

Well Kills

With pumps capable of operating at up to 10,000psi, LRS hot oil pump trucks can assist with well kills on oil and gas wells across the North Slope.  Support from our fleet of bulk fluid transports can allow for continuous pumping on larger jobs.

High Pressure Breakdowns

LRS hot oil pump trucks can be run in tandem to provide formation stimulation services.  With pump trucks capable of 10,000 psi working pressure, and pump rates up to 8 barrels per minute per truck, we can help open up the formation to improve well performance.

Exploration Support Services

LRS hot oil pump trucks are an integral part of exploration drilling projects.  We can heat drilling fluids, conduct pressure tests, and freeze protect the well bore and surface equipment.  We can also re-inject flow-back fluids into the formation at the conclusion of well testing.