Little Red Services


Health, Safety and Environmental Management

At Little Red Services, we are committed to the ideology of: No Harm to People, No Accidents and No Harm to the Environment.

With an eye toward that goal, we have developed and adopted the LRS HSE Statement and Policy. All LRSI personnel, regardless of their level in the company, are expected to demonstrate a personal leadership in the safety of those around them.

You are invited to read over these. We welcome any feedback.

HSE Plan- Overview 

Health, Safety, and Environmental Statement

This policy covers all Little Red Services operations in Alaska. We are fully committed to our corporate goals: no accidents, no harm to people and no damage to the environment. In service of this policy, LRSI will:

1. Expect all personnel to demonstrate commitment and leadership in health, safety and environmental (HSE) protection. Managers at all levels will consider safety and environmental issues as the primary focus when making business decisions which may impact these critical areas;

2. Respond to concerns of our employees, customers, neighbors, government agencies and the public of relevant HSE aspects of our operations and openly listen, and respond to their concerns;

3. Meet or exceed compliance obligations of applicable HSE legislation, regulations and client requirements;

4. Provide employees with a safe place to work, clear expectations regarding HSE requirements and the necessary training to perform their jobs;

5. Work closely with our clients to contribute effectively to their HSE programs and compliance efforts;

6. Require those directly supporting our operations to meet or exceed applicable legislation, regulations and industry standards, in addition to LRSI requirements;

7. Maintain a commitment to incident and pollution prevention, as well as to continual improvement in HSE performance;

8. Set annual HSE objectives and targets and openly report our performance to our employees, clients, and other interested parties;

9. Audit compliance with this policy and take corrective action where appropriate;

10. Make available the appropriate resources to implement this policy.